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Scarlett Malone

"Don't get too close, it's dark inside. It's where my demons hide..."

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Name:Scarlett Leigh Malone
Birthdate:Apr 4
Scarlett Malone's life as a high-end New York City interior decorator is hardly the life she imagined for herself growing up in the Boston suburb of Newton. She was destined for a modelling career, and participated in nearly every pageant known to man as a little girl and all the way up through her teenage years, thanks to a mother who was every bit the Toddlers and Tiaras stereotype. Scarlett was named for her mother's fascination with Gone With the Wind, and like most other decisions about her life, her father, a well-meaning, but spineless man, had very little say in it. So Scarlett did as she was expected to do for years, even winning Miss Teen Massachusetts.

It was at her Miss Massachusetts USA pageant a few years later that she met Bo Miller, and she was instantly smitten. He was a dance instructor who served as one of the judges of the pageant, and he took a very special and specific interest in Scarlett, even though she was only first runner up. After the competition was over, he approached her at a bar where she was having a few drinks with some of her friends from the pageant. He bought her a drink, and before the night was over, Scarlett had found her way into Bo's hotel room, where they were up all night having some seriously wild sex. Thus began a very serious affair that led to Scarlett's position as first runner up being forfeited when it was discovered that she was involved with one of the judges. For Scarlett, though, it was the best thing that could've happened to her.

She ended up moving to New York with Bo, where she studied interior design, something she'd always wanted to do, and continued her happy life with him. It was unconventional at best, especially having been such a whirlwind romance in the making, and she was shocked one night when Bo sat her down to have a talk with her.

He revealed that he was Kindred, of the Toreador Clan, and that he wanted, more than anything, to Embrace her so that she could be like him and they could live forever. After thinking about it deeply, Scarlett -- young and in love -- agreed to be Embraced.

However, once it was all done and Scarlett had reawakened, it was only a matter of months before Bo disappeared, leaving her high and dry. It was only with the help of several of her new Kindred friends that she made it through, even going on to get her degree in interior design, going on to design home and business interiors for some of the highest paying clients in the City.

Currently, she's living a relatively low-profile, but extremely comfortable life in New York City, and making friends with the young Kindred of the area, recently commencing a very comfortable friendship with a side of benefits with Jett Wilson, the new Childer of the Brujah Primogen.
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